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Everything About Portable Pod System For Vapers

As the name suggests, this is an e-cigarette that uses a pod instead of an atomizer. They do the same job by holding the electronic liquid and vaporizing it to send vapor through the funnel. 

However, they are normally ready in smaller capacities of 1 or 2 ml, but some are larger. Speaking of pods, the STIG pod is one of the most popular pod systems available for vapers. You can also buy the best pod system online via

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Pod systems are normally pushed onto the top of the machine and pulled out when required. However, the rest is comparable to e-cigarettes. As Related to mods, the battery is shorter. 

Most of them are 300mAh capacity, but some can be bigger. The battery capacity usually shows how long it will last. In other words, they have less battery than a pen (about 650 mAh) and more than a cigar (about 200 mAh).

There are differences in the vape pod system. For example, the STIG pod is a universal, single-use system. 

It is maintenance-free and gives an immediate nicotine boost. In fact, they also don't have buttons or switches. You have to hold it near your mouth, inhale and that's it.

In general, vape pod systems such as the STIG pod and other similar pod systems are full of features and are suitable for both new vapers and ex-smokers.