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Autism Treatment – Stem Cell Therapy

Causes of autism

The exact cause of autism is not known, but it is due to brain damage at a very early stage.

There are several causes of autism that have been identified.

1. Genetic causes can be the cause

2. Structural damage to the nervous system is also one of the causes of autism

3. Functional disabilities in the child's developmental years

4. Gene mutations can be a major cause of autism

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5. Lack of nutrition during pregnancy

6. Stress, wrong medication, infection, mercury poisoning, toxins can also cause autism in children.

Stem cell treatment and therapy

Autism treatment Center in Cyprus has been quite successful, with stem cell therapy providing positive and encouraging results. Stem cell therapy is successful in almost all patients with spinal cord injury, dementia and stroke.

Today there are some patients who, thanks to the effective treatment, are able to live a better life than before. Experts and a team of renowned doctors treat patients according to their condition and severity of illness.

Stem cells are found in adult organs such as bone marrow. It is obtained from the patient's body. The doctor used an autologous treatment regimen that was effective and showed the best results.

The stem cells are filtered and then introduced into the patient's body. These stem cells then regenerate and continue to heal and repair damaged cells so they can function normally.