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Small Business Owners – Protect Your Identity – Keep Your Signature Safe

Electronic signature has become the norm and form acceptable to conduct business online. You can have a peek at this website to know more about electronic signatures.

If someone has your signature and uses it how you deny that 'it's not your signature' when it looks exactly like your signature?

Here are my three tips to keep your signature.

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1. Remove the signature of your email, websites, and blogs.

2. Forging. Do not allow your employees to "forge" your signature when you are out of the office. As a business owner take the necessary steps to designate who can represent you. This may be in a form that allows employees to believe to have a business credit with his name on it. Consult with your bank about how to set up the employee is trusted to sign your check when paying bills etc.

These tips also apply to family members. We know at one time or another we have given our children our credit card to use. If you want your child to have an "emergency" credit card using your credit card company contacts so that they can remove your child's name card.

3. Respect. Respect your signature with the same level of security as you do your intellectual property, social security numbers and passwords.

My three tips to keep your signature will help you prevent your identity from being stolen by people who are unscrupulous. Do not make it easy for identity thieves. Remove your signature on your email and web sites. Do not let your employees or children forge your signature. Make time to set up an account so that employees can legally conduct business on your behalf. Respect your signature.