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Know The Importance Of Eye Exam

If you believe that eye exams are only required for those who need glasses, then, you are wrong. It is not designed to supersede contact lenses or eyeglasses. This exam is designed to monitor your vision. It's something that people normally overlook but it should be considered seriously by every individual who cares about their vision. You can also look for the eye specialist in Northridge.

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Apart from the reality that a vision exam is required when your eye is needed for treatment, it is also prearranged to inspect for any eye diseases. Also, it can be a sign of other diseases related to other parts of your body, so the specialist checks for your overall health with this visual inspection.

So, what do eye specialists usually check when they carry out the inspection? One thing that is possible to be diagnosed is Amblyopia. Amblyopia is a condition of the eyes where one has a different vision than the other eye. Through eye exam, the eye specialist can check for possible treatment of this problem.

Another thing that can be checked during eye exams is the potential refraction of the eyes. For sure, this means the eyes can either be farsighted, nearsighted, or astigmatic. So the patient will be advised to take eyeglasses or contact lenses with the proper correction of vision level.

Another checkpoint that may be conducted during the eye exam is Strabismus. If both of the eyes are functioning together and are well aligned, this indicates that there is no problem. Otherwise, you have to go through treatment to correct the alignment.