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Know About The Herbs For the Holistic Treatment of Anxiety

Anxiety has been treated with herbs for many years. It is still a popular practice. Anxiety is now the most common mental disorder among the population. Even in the West, herbal remedies are competing with prescription medication for anxiety treatment.

Because a patient cannot become dependent on herbs, this is why they are so popular. They are also cheaper than prescription medications. These medications can be mixed with other medications. To avoid side effects, a consultation with a holistic practitioner is advisable.

Below are some herbs that can be used for anxiety. You can even visit this website to get holistic treatment of Anxiety.

St. John's Wort is used to treat depression, but it also helps with anxiety. It is a holistic herb. It can be found in nature as a sedative. Anxiety can also be treated with passionflower. It can also be used as a mild sedative.

Another anti-anxiety herb is Valerian root. This is where Valium is derived. It can also be used to treat anxiety and insomnia. It is an effective herbal remedy. You can use hops as sedatives. It can be combined with valerian root to treat insomnia and nervous symptoms. Valerian root treatment has become the most popular treatment worldwide.

Another herbal remedy against anxiety is Kava. It is known to promote sleep and combat anxiety. It calms nerves. California poppy promotes sleep. Feverfew calms nerves. Although lemon balm is mild, it can be used as a natural relaxant.

Mullein tea, peppermint, and skullcap are some other herbs. However, there are other herbs that can be used to combat anxiety, but they are not mentioned here.