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How Can You Really Enjoy Moving In The Winter

A lot of household moves take place in the summer when the kids are out of school and the weather is clear. If possible, families moving almost always choose the summer, and even solo professionals mostly prefer the dry roads and warm sunshine that a summer move has to offer. 

But if that's not you, you're in luck. Summer is also the peak season for the best removalists and movers in Sydney which means that dates fill up quickly and prices can rise with demand depending on the region and service. 

Book a Time that Works Best for You

If you're dealing with an uncertain moving schedule, winter is when your professional movers can be the most flexible with not-quite-confirmed moving dates because their own schedule has more space.

Don't forget to give yourself plenty of time to pack. You'll want all your boxes ready by moving truck arrival day and give yourself some time for a final clean-sweep once all your boxes and furniture are in the truck.

Plan for Weather-Appropriate Safety and Warmth

The biggest hazards of moving in winter relate to the weather. Of course, this is also highly regional. Plan for the conditions you expect to find. If it's slushy or wet outside, put down doormats and drop cloths to protect your floors. 

If it's icy, have driveway salt ready for boot traction. If it's rainy or snowing, make use of any covered porches and walkways and tarp over boxes in transit. If you expect a mess, have a stack of old towels handy. And if the weather is clear and relatively dry, don't worry about it. Not all winter moves are a hassle.