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Himalayan Pink Salt – A Must in Indian Cuisine

Pink Himalayan salt is often found in the culinary preparation of traditional Indian dishes. Even though salt is considered an essential item in cooking, we should still know how to use it properly to ensure that the food we are preparing will not be bland tasting. Furthermore, even though salt plays a vital role in the dish preparation, it should not be used so much that it becomes the main ingredient.

Himalayan pink salt has a striking blue color that is usually referred to as the "himalayan color". It is also one of the most commonly used colorants in Indian cooking. Many Indians and Nepalese people regard Himalayan salt as a very good substitute for table salt.

While there are many varieties of Himalayan salt available in the market, the Pink Himalayan salt is commonly used by most cooks because of its superior texture, saltiness and taste. Besides, it is also used in the preparation of the recipes which are normally prepared with it.

The main ingredients used in the preparation of Indian dishes are usually spices like coriander, cumin, turmeric, ginger, fennel, black pepper, garam masala, cardamom etc. However, these spices cannot add flavor to the food alone. Hence, it is best to use a combination of spices to obtain the perfect taste.

Salt is always essential in the preparation of Indian dishes as well as any other cuisine. People prepare Indian dishes by using the salt to season the food. Salt is also essential in enhancing the flavor of the dish because it brings about an overwhelming aroma to the food that complements the taste of the food.

Since most of the dishes are prepared with cooking oil and non-vegetarian flavors, it is best to add some form of a salty element in the preparation of the dishes. This is why Himalayan salt is frequently used in the preparation of many Indian dishes. Even though salt is mainly used in the preparation of Indian dishes, it is essential to add some flavor to the food by sprinkling some salt on top of the dish before eating.

There are many ways to use salt for the preparation of the dishes. The simplest way is to sprinkle salt on the dishes before serving. This method is also used when you want to serve the dishes cold.

In order to add more flavor to the food, you can also sprinkle some salt on the plates after they are hot or use it in a bowl as a seasoning for salads. However, the mixture of salt and seasoning should be such that it brings out the flavor of the dish. It should be well blended before it is sprinkled on the dishes.

Another alternative is to use it in the kitchen department and place it over the glass or countertops. Since the Himalayan pink salt is used in the preparation of the dishes, this is a very practical way to use it. You can also use it to sprinkle on the cutlery and plates during the dining occasion.

The most important thing you need to remember while using salt is that it should be used sparingly. Although salt is a basic food seasoning that must be used in the dishes, you should also make sure that you do not use too much salt. In other words, you should use a very small amount of salt so that you can maintain the right amount of salt for your dish.

Finally, a teaspoon of salt may sound like a very small amount but it is really a very large amount when you consider the food product that you are preparing. In fact, if you add more salt, the flavor of the dish would not be as intense as when you add too little salt. It is very important to know how much salt you need for your dish because of the safety factor.

By using the Himalayan pink salt, you will notice that the flavor of the dish is enhanced. Therefore, it is always better to use salt in the preparation of Indian and other ethnic dishes.