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Guidance For Performing TIG Welding Stainless Steel Pipe

TIG welding stainless steel pipes is as hard as carbon steel pipes. There are some guidelines to follow while doing welding are:-

  • Cleanse your pipe thoroughly.

  • Everything should be spotless.

  • Keep your tungsten moving at all times.

  • Let the pipe cool prior to the next welding.

Pipes made of stainless steel should always be purged. The results of an inadequate purge can result in the root getting polluted. The term that is employed in the field to describe root oxidation or root contamination can be described as "sugar". 

Sugar results from welding the joint oxygen in the air. The joint that welds must be sealed off and then left untapped when it is time to join that portion of the pipe.You can also visit to learn the TIG welding stainless method for efficient results.

tig welding stainless

In general, TIG welding requires a perfectly clear weld joint.The tungsten should be kept clean. It is cleaned at the end of every restart and pass. The weld joint needs to be filed before each pass , excluding the root. 

Even the bevel has to be filed during the hot pass, and all color changes should be filed in pure metal all the time. Failure to file all affected areas could cause the filler wire being unable to move into the joint without stumbling.

It is essential while TIG welding steel pipes made of stainless steel. The best way to prevent melting through and overheating the pipe is to move it swiftly.