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Greenhouse Monitoring And Control System

A greenhouse where plants such as flowers and vegetables grow. Greenhouse warming during the day when the sun rays penetrate through it, which warms plants, soil, and structures. Glasshouse automation can be used to protect plants from various diseases, especially those that soil-borne and splash into the plant in the rain.

The greenhouse effect a natural phenomenon and beneficial to humans. Many farmers fail to get a good profit from greenhouse plants on the grounds that they could not manage two important factors, which determine the plant's growth and productivity. Greenhouse warmth should not go below a certain level, high humidity can lead to plant transpiration, reduction of water vapor on the surface of various greenhouse and water evaporation from the soil moist.

To overcome these challenges, greenhouse automation and control systems come to the rescue. This project demonstrates the design and implementation of a variety of sensors for environmental monitoring and control greenhouse. The greenhouse control system is powered by a microcontroller ATmega328 consisting of temperature sensors, light sensors, soil moisture sensors, LDR sensor, LCD display modules, 12v DC fan, Bulb, and pumps.

Temperature sensors sense the temperature level. If the fan running high DC gain and when the temperature goes low fan gets off. Soil moisture sensors sense the level of the water as the pump gets a reduced rate. In the absence of light, LDR sensor senses and the ball begins to shine. In this way, it will be easier to monitor and control the system.