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Find The Best Notebook Organization Method

Who has not felt the stress of sitting in class and realizing that the assignment on which you have been working from so long was left at home? And there is nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong! Can you not find the notes you took during that video presentation? Never again! 

You can avoid these frustrating situations and improve your grades by organizing your notes and course materials. You can find the best notebooks in your area.


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It's easy! A three-ring binder can be set up to hold all of your lecture notes, homework, handouts, and everything else that will come flying at you during the semester.

How to Set up the Notebook

To begin with, just divide a one-inch binder into three or more sections. Then fill each segment with a few loose-leaf papers. Use plain, ruled, or chart paper, based on the course and your individual preferences.

Some students may find that taking notes on unlined paper or graph paper may work out better for them. It's an individual choice.

Clearly label the tab on each plastic folder according to its section or purpose: new assignments, lecture notes, handouts, completed homework, homework-in-progress, research, lab work, etc. 

Notebook Accessories

When you buy your binders and dividers, also invest in an adjustable hole-puncher and a few clear plastic document sleeves. 

When you receive any printed material, punch holes in it and put it in the appropriate section. The folder pockets will keep your handouts secure until you can organize them properly.