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Facial Rejuvenation With Laser Liposuction in Hawaii

Laser lipo facial rejuvenation, as the name implies, is a cosmetic procedure that removes facial fat. Laser liposuction is a new technology that allows for the precise removal and tightening of facial fat. Houston facial rejuvenation has been growing in popularity in Hawaii due to its minimally invasive nature. The procedure requires only a few small incisions. 

Smartlipo uses selective liposuction to heat the skin below. Laser liposuction heat induces tissue coagulation, which results in skin tightening in the affected areas. The melted fat can then be drained from the body either naturally or by using a small suction device. You can know more about non-invasive fat reduction techniques in Honolulu at Face and body laser.

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It takes approximately an hour to complete the entire process. Once the tissues and skin have healed, the body begins to produce more collagen, which gives the skin a more toned and smoother appearance. The results are often gradual and can vary from one person to the next. It all depends upon how quickly the skin heals, and how quickly healthy cells replace damaged tissue.

Houston facial rejuvenation will also include the resurfacing and laser treatment of the outer skin if the patient has additional sun damage, acne scars, or laxity in their facial and neck muscles. This cosmetic procedure improves the appearance of your face from the inside out.