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Everything You Need To Know About Infrared Heaters

A catalytic reaction is required for heat to be produced by a catalytic heater. This reaction is completely non-flammable. This reaction requires the use of a premium catalyst and some gas. Modern catalytic heaters are extremely efficient because they rely on the platinum catalyst to speed up the reaction. You can also purchase the catalytic heater for your Home through Bruest Catalytic Heaters in Kansas online.

The heater's efficiency means that there is a higher level of heat, carbon dioxide, and steam generated during operation. Catalytic heaters require slower combustion. This results in lower emissions of polluting or toxic particles.

Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters (also known as radiant heaters) use gas to heat a ceramic material. The ceramic material is heated and used to radiate heat in a direction perpendicular to the heater. Although some heaters may require a catalyst to increase their efficiency, they are not required in most cases.

Catalytic Heaters: Benefits

If you aren't sure which heater you should purchase, read more about the benefits and advantages of the catalytic heating system here.

Flammable Combustion

The catalyst activates fuel oxidation at lower temperatures than the ignition temperature. This means that the gas can create steam and heat, but not a flame. This reduces the chance of a flame.

Safer Operation

Thanks to the slow combustion of the combustible gas, there is also reduced production of toxic or polluting particles getting into the atmosphere. This is another feature that makes today’s catalytic heaters so safe and effective to operate and run, even in smaller areas.