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Discover About Green Tea

The history of green tea goes back thousands of years. This particular tea is just now becoming a major hit in the West, but it was known for centuries by the Chinese and Japanese. Although this tea is less processed than the counterpart made from the same leaf, it has been exported from Asia in a smaller quantity until recent years.

This tea's recent popularity is due to numerous health studies that have shown significant benefits. While green tea may not be as popular as its black counterpart, it is gaining popularity. You can buy the best quality green tea via browsing the web.

Organic green tea

It is still disputed when tea became so popular in China. Tea enthusiasts believe the date is around 3,000 years old, while others think it was much earlier. According to one legend, green tea was first discovered by Emperor Shen Nung in 2730 BC. He accidentally let leaves from the Camellia Sinensis plant drop into his boiling water. It is believed that his discovery was very quickly embraced by the public.

Green teas can be found in many different formats. The most popular are chilled and bottled beverages, as well as tea bags, loose for brewing, and proper steeping.

Green teas have a rich and varied history, from their origins in China and Japan to today's grocery stores. Green teas will continue to be a hot commodity due to their distinctive flavor and health benefits.