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Best Practices For Responding to a Federal Request For Proposal

So you've invested your marketing time and money in the federal government to buy your products and services, and then comes the moment you've been waiting for, the RFP. RFP responses can be very time-consuming and frustrating. A typical federal offer is usually a long and technically complex document with conditions often confused with very specific terms. 

Because each RFP is unique and has its own requirements, the RFP response is more of an art form than a science. You can check out here to hire the top RFP consultant services. However, some best practices and a typical RFP response section should ensure a successful bidding process and ensure that your response is the one selected for the award:

• Proposals should begin with a summary explaining to bid evaluators why they should select your company for the contract. Here you have a "win problem" that gives you the difference that sets you apart, usually around 3-5 areas. 

• Respond to the RFP by referring to all current areas requested. You should use an appropriate matrix that describes where you will respond in your RFP proposal and the order should be in the order requested. 

• Ensure that all illustrations, graphs, diagrams, etc. corresponding. Use them as exhibits to help trigger a response. There's nothing more annoying to government reviewers than seeing great photos, tables, and illustrations that are just marketing and don't add value.

• Include resumes for key personnel, but in a format that clearly indicates qualifications and responsibilities, and demonstrates past results and experience that meet the requirements of the RFP. Save the normal resume format.

• Ensure that previous implementations provide a roadmap for completing similar projects of a size and complexity satisfactory to the requirements of the RFP. You are trying to convince reviewers that your company is low risk and has a successful experience with high performance.