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Basic T-Shirt Printing Mechanisms

When it comes to casual clothes, T-shirts are the most preferred clothes to work with Denim Jeans. Today's children are crazy about such shirts, especially when it comes to t-shirts with unique and trendy prints.

So, it becomes a clear fact here that the T-shirts get a funky and cool look only when they have beautiful attractive molds on them. Therefore, great attention must be taken when making such molds on T-shirts. There are two most common basic mechanisms used today: screen printing and digital printing. You can know about t-shirt printing online through

What is screen printing?

This is a mechanism used from the past where the stencil is first made with a design that will be printed on the shirt. A stencil is nothing but most silk with designs embedded in it. The design area will porous and another area will not porous and will not let the ink pass them.

Screen printing has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages are good quality molds and shades of fine clothing. Some of the losses can be, this is an expensive process, involving more workers and machines occupy a large space.

What is Digital Printing?

This is a sophisticated mechanism in printing more expensive and more efficient than the screen printing process. As the name implies, in the digital printing process, the printing process is all digital.

The design is fed to the computer and immediately printed on the clothes we want. It's very simple, as instead of taking the design mold on paper, we took it on a t-shirt. It's very efficient and when printing on large amounts of clothes, it's very useful. This is a simple concept used in digital printing.