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6 Thumb Sucking Prevention Tips Parents Need To Know

Luckily, there are methods to stop or help your children kick the habit. These are provided by the world’s #1 resource to stop thumb and finger sucking since 2014 professionals. 

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1. A strong reward system: The very first step would be to promote your love to stop sucking their thoughts with plenty of compliments and support.  Explain to a child, in age-appropriate manners, he or she wants to stop.  Then, present a rewards graph system as an extra incentive to maintain thumb sucking.

2. Avoid the desire to Nag: As we have mentioned, persistent suck of thumbs is reassuring. In case you've got a strong-willed toddler on your hands, then they may just turn defensive and also attempt to conceal the custom from you.

3. Give your kid a different source of relaxation, such as a plush toy or an enjoyable sport:  It is a terrific way to maintain their thoughts of thumb sucking the times when they are most likely to achieve for their own thumb, such as in the car, at their visit to the dentist!

4. Reminder: That is why it's useful to employ reminders to help your children remember to not suck on their thumb.  You may even set a cute band-aid above their thumb.

5. Be patient: With most things fresh, the first couple of times will be the worst. The important thing is to be patient and persistent and finally, you and your child will conquer the habit of thumb sucking.

6. Request help: Pay a visit to your orthodontist for sensible types of intervention and, even in case you feel the need, reserve a consultation with a child psychologist to make sure there is no inherent distress.